Kmise Ukulele Review (2019 Edition)

Kmise Ukulele Review - Featured Image

In this ukulele review, I’ll be taking a look at the Kmise concert ukulele kit. This model is one of the top-selling beginner ukuleles on Amazon, but is it any good?

Luna Tattoo Ukulele Review

Luna Tattoo Ukulele Review - Featured Image -

This Lune Tattoo ukulele features a unique Hawaiian “tattoo” on the front. It’s an eye-catching design, but is this uke any good? Keep reading to find out.

Kala KA-15S Review

Kala KA-15S Review - Featured Image

With hundreds of 5-star reviews on Amazon, the KA-15S is an obvious crowd favorite. But is it the right choice for beginners?