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Pink Ukuleles: What to Know Before You Buy

Looking to buy a pink ukulele? There are a lot for sale on line, but are they any good? Keep reading to find out.

Looking to buy a pink ukulele? There are a lot for sale online, but are they any good? Keep reading to find out.

Overview of Pink Ukuleles Covered in this Article

Your Best Bets

Based on my research and personal experience, the three models below seem OK. If you have to have a pink uke, these models are worth checking out.

However, I still think it’s a good idea to consider one of the high-quality beginner ukes I cover in my article on the best beginner ukuleles.

Not So Good

These are some of the other top-selling pink ukes on Amazon. Even though they have decent customer reviews, I’m not convinced they’re actually good instruments. I talk about why in the next section.

With that said, ukes in this price range could be the right choice if you’re just looking for a novelty instrument, decoration, or a kid’s toy.

Mahalo MR1PK Mahalo MR1PK 2,565 Reviews $44.99

Before You Buy…

When researching this article, I discovered that nearly all pink ukuleles for sale on Amazon cost less than $50. A couple of models were selling for below $30 as I write this.

The truth is, many of the ukes in this price range aren’t very good. I’ve worked in music retail for years and have seen firsthand how bad some of these cheap ukuleles are. I discuss the problems with cheap ukes in my post on how much ukuleles cost.

With this disclaimer out of the way, I did find a few models that seemed OK. I’ll highlight those below.

The other pink ukes I came across seemed pretty bad and I can’t recommend them, but I’ll still include the links if you want to check them out.

Good Beginner Ukuleles (That Aren’t Pink)

If you’re looking for a great starter ukulele for yourself or as a gift, check out my article on the best beginner ukuleles. I’m also posting a few of my favorite entry-level models in the table below.

If you’re shopping on a budget, have a look at my breakdown of the best cheap ukuleles.

✅ Pink Makala Dolphin Ukulele

366 Reviews $49.99

I’ve purchased and reviewed a Makala Dolphin before, so it’s one of the models I feel most comfortable recommending.

Makala is the budget brand of a company called Kala, which is one of the largest ukulele makers in the world. The Makala line isn’t as nice as Kala’s standard ukes, but they’re still reasonably well made considering the price.

In my review, I gave it a 3 out of 5. It was decent, but not amazing. The build quality was pretty good. I couldn’t find any glaring issues. Still, the uke didn’t sound great, and the action (string height) was a bit high. I will say that I thought the baby pink plastic body was kind of unique.

This certainly isn’t the worst ukulele to learn with or purchase for a gift. Still, I feel there are far better options available for just a few more bucks.

✅ Hola! Music HM-21PK

7,046 Reviews $39.99

Hola! has been around for a while and has a solid reputation. They offer a number of ukulele packages with more traditional designs, and they’re some of Amazon’s best sellers.

The HM-21PK is part of Hola!’s “Color Series” and seems fairly well made. I haven’t played this model before, but based on my knowledge of Hola! as a company, it’s likely one of the better pink ukulele options around.

This uke is pretty light on accessories, but to be fair, you can’t expect many extras at this price. It includes a thin canvas sack, a few picks, and a strap.

✅ Everjoys Pink Ukulele

15,308 Reviews $48.99

I’m not familiar with the Everjoys brand, but their light pink ukulele pack is one of the best-selling models on Amazon.

The Everyjoys ukulele package comes with quite a few accessories, including a digital clip-on tuner, extra strings, polish cloth, strap, and picks. The gig bag looks pretty thin, but it’s better than the canvas sacks many cheap ukes come with.

Overall, it seems like a decent deal.

Most of the negative reviews were from customers saying their uke wouldn’t stay in tune. Ukuleles have very stretchy strings, and it can take a long time for them to “settle in.” This is an issue with any ukulele, not just beginner models. In fact, I’ve written a whole article about ukuleles that won’t stay in tune.

Good Beginner Ukes

Before I move on to the pink ukes I don’t recommend, I want to suggest a few good beginner ukes that I’ve personally purchased and reviewed.

❌ Diamond Head DU-110

2,193 Reviews $27.56

This Diamond Head DU-110 is among the cheapest pink ukuleles on this list. If you have a 2-year-old and just want to give them something to bang on, this uke isn’t a bad option.

I have a Diamond Head DU-150 I’m in the process of reviewing, and so far it’s not very good. The construction is rough, the action (string height) is too high, and it sounds tinkly and lifeless.

Considering the rock-bottom price, I could understand buying this uke as a decoration or toy for a young child. Otherwise, I’d steer clear of it.

❌ Honsing Kids Ukulele (Pink)

1,762 Reviews

This ukulele looks about the same as the Diamond Head. wIn fact, it looks like they could be from the same manufacturer, but I can’t be sure.

Either way, I’d stay away from this one. It’s got the telltale signs of a low-quality strings instrument, like the painted fingerboard and brass frets. On a side note, the description claims it has nickel silver frets, but in the customer images, they’re clearly brass.

I did think the Amazon listing description was pretty funny, with lines like “Lovely Color – Pink that Daughter Loves, as Cute as the Color of Cherry Blossoms” and “Suited Scene – Family Party, as a Gift for Kids or Toddler, Little Uke.”

❌ Mahalo MR1PK

2,565 Reviews $44.99

I’ve seen a few Mahalo ukes over the years and I was never very impressed. Sure, they’re playable and will make uke-like noises when you strum them, but the experience of using them isn’t fun.

Like other ukes in this category, MR1PK is fine as a toy or novelty, but not as a real instrument.  For a little more money, you can get a great quality instrument that will grow with you as you learn to play.


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