My Favorite Ukulele Sites (2022 Edition)

The internet is overflowing with ukulele sites. Some are great, others not so much. Here are my favorite ukulele sites for 2019.

Ukulele Instruction

Uke Like the Pros

Terry Carter brings decades of professional experience in the music industry to his website, His video lessons are beautifully produced and offer clear, easy-to-follow instruction for uke players of all skill levels.

Ukulele Tricks

Created by uke player Brett McQueen, offers a number of free starter lessons as well as lots of books and premium paid content. A great resource for beginners who are serious about getting started with the ukulele.

Play Ukulele By Ear

Ukulele instructor Jim D’Ville teaches in-person workshops across the country. If you can’t make to one of his workshops, Jim’s website provides a wealth of lessons and ukulele news.

Live Ukulele

Brad Bordessa’s site is absolutely packed with lessons and songs. He also has a lot of great info about gear, performance, and recording. All this, packaged in a beautiful, easy-to-use site.

Learning Ukulele

There’s a good chance Curt Sheller has been in the online uke instruction game for longer than anybody else around. His site has over 650 lessons, and 140+ are free.

Ukulele Underground

One of the oldest and most popular ukulele sites around. Lots of great instructional content

Ukulele Go!

Tons of lessons, songs, and reviews. Dave’s Ukulele Go! website is loaded with great resources (and it has a great design, too).

Ukulele Blogs

I’ve always enjoyed smaller, more personal ukulele blogs that focus on little bits of interesting ukulele news and trivia.

Flea Plucker

A quirky little blog with reviews, inspiration, projects, tabs, and whatever else catches the author’s interest.

Uke Nut

Matt’s Uke Nut blog features occasional updates on the world of ukuleles. Posts include events, news, lessons, musical theory, history, and more. Lots of fun to scroll through the archives!

Ukulele Chords, Tabs, and Scales

Richard G’s Tabs

A massive collection of over 1300 songs, lovingly arranged and transcribed for ukulele. All tabs are presented in a formatted, easy-to-read PDF document that can be downloaded and printed.


The UkuWorld network is actually a family of multiple ukulele-related sites. There’s UkuTabs, UkuChords, UkuScales, UkuTuner–you get the idea. A great resource for beginners and pros alike.


An amazing collection of ukulele tabs, many submitted by loyal users. If you’re trying to figure out that popular new song on your ukulele, chances are you can find tabs here.

Tabs 4 Ukulele

Another excellent collection of ukulele tabs presented in a clean, intuitive layout.

Ukulele Chords

An easy-to-use chord database.

Ukulele Retailers

The name says it all! has hundreds of ukes from practically all the major manufacturers. Ukes range from entry-level beginner ukes to high-end professional models.

The Ukulele Site

Possibly the biggest ukulele dealer in the US. The Ukulele Site offers a stunning array of ukuleles from numerous builders around the globe.

Ukulele Builders

Kamaka Ukuleles

Kamaka is the oldest Hawaii-based ukulele manufacturer, and for many folks, they represent the “holy grail” of ukuleles. Fun fact: Kamaka is responsible for the unique pineapple body shape.

DaSilva Ukuleles

Beautiful hand-crafted ukuleles offered in a variety of tonewoods, and body sizes.

Moore Bettah Ukuleles

Chuck’s ukuleles are prized for their stunning custom inlay work. Check out his website for examples of past builds and some cool pictures of his Hawaii workshop.

Martin Ukuleles

Martin has changed a lot since they started building ukuleles in the early 1900s, but one thing remains the same: a dedication to craftsmanship, tone, and playability.